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Impact Hub's are hosted by a team that help serendipity along by connecting members, encouraging cross-sector collaboration, designing events and programmes and supporting your work.
Impact Hub Berlin was founded by a small team of social innovation enthusiasts who wanted to create a home of radical ideas that create positive social change. This home is hosted and facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of hosts and catalysts with skills in impact investing, human rights, advocacy, event planning, project management and finance. Find out more about our Team below.

Impact Hub Berlin Team


Nele Kapretz

Nele has a strong professional background in organization and management with a focus on sustainability, social entrepreneurs…

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Leon Reiner

Leon is founder and managing director of Impact Hub Berlin with his core responsibilities around business development and par…

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Anna Lässer

Anna Lässer is founder and Program Director of Impact Hub Berlin. She designs and leads programs to empower (social) innovat…

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Vishal Jodhani

Vishal has a background in innovation consulting and facilitation. He holds a BA in Communication and a MA in Innovation &…

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Anna Rösch

Anna has a background in sociology/economics and co-founded an intercultural garden project in Berlin. Working in the fields …

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Sophie Münzberg

Sophie thrives in fast paced international settings, having lived in five+ countries. She works part-time at Impact Hub Berli…

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Vera Kämpfer

Vera is currently doing her Bachelor’s in International Business Management, a Double Degree Program in Berlin and Helsinki…

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Florian Hanke

Florian works part time as our space manager and constantly designs and enhances our space for a growing vibrant community of…

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Thomas Goujat

Thomas Goujat

Thomas studies political science in Paris and Berlin and focuses on Europe, youth empowerment and social equality. He has bee…

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Marnie Williams

Marnie Williams

Marnie is currently finishing her BA in Journalism and Communication in Paris. She came to Berlin as an Erasmus student and i…

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Martin Hobler

Martin was part of the first generation IT founders. Having an MBA and starting his career as a financial advisor at PriceWat…

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Member Hosts


Robert Eckstein

Robert is studying Business Administration at Humboldt University and is about to graduate. In his studies, he was highly inv…

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Leonora Beyhl

Leonora is passionate about sustainability and entrepreneurship. In 2016, she founded together with her friend Bergwiese UG, …

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